Zone Face Lift™ and Other Special Treatments
Update August 2020: It is with regret that I will not be offering any hand to face treatments until the coronavirus crisis is over. 
Please visit my Clinical Aromatherapy page for details on my services that are available:


Advanced Facial Reflexology is the foundation of Zone Face Lift™ and  is available on its own as a supremely relaxing experience working, as with the feet, on reflexes relating to different parts of the body but with a lighter touch. It can leave you feeling zoned out or refreshed, depending on the type and length of treatment you book. For the treatment Ginette uses her hands in a slow and steady pace over the face, incorporating a facial reflexology stick during one part of the treatment.



Zone Face Lift™ is Ziggie Bergman’s famous non-surgical face lifting treatment! It is recommended as a course of 12 sessions, and each one includes facial reflexology, use of facial sculpting tools including Gua Sha and finishing with an invigorating face lifting massage. 6 and 12 session courses also include 1 or more facial cuppings and holistic facials. 



The products used by Ginette during the Zone Face Lift treatments are all from the luxury ranges of Zone Face Lift Elixer, REN (their soothing sensitive skin range) and aromatic Nuxe. 

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With permission, and not to be copied or reproduced elsewhere, the following results were seen by Ginette’s case study in October to December 2019. In the Before shot the client is wearing make-up by the way! Notice in the After shot, the area under the eyes is lifted, as are the cheeks, sides of the mouth and jawline, which has a much more chiseled appearance. There is more symmetry, and dimples not seen since childhood returned! Not visible, the client's skin felt softer and smoother and was less prone to going red than at the start of the course. 







Results Ginette has seen on her own face from one session of facial reflexology alone (first pictures) then a full treatment (second pictures) also as a one off sessions are here!:


before and after.jpg



Hot Stone Reflexology is a premium treatment, involving heated basalt stones, a creamy homemade foot balm and hands on reflexology. It is a gorgeously warming treatment that is particularly enjoyable in the winter months. 


The basalt stones used are smooth and dense, which feels great on the skin in combination with traditional thumb-walking reflexology!


The warm stones can increase circulation and the lymphatic function, reduce muscle tension, release tension in connective tissues and of course, promote relaxation! Ginette is pleased to also offer a hot & cold stone option, using the heated basalt stones alternately with chilled marble ones. This can really benefit circulation and is particularly useful if you have some fluid retention in the ankles.



Stones have been used in ceremonies and treatments around the world since the time of the ancient Egyptians and during the Shang Dynasty in the 1500s BC! Today, hot stones are used in Japan to aid digestion, Russians have a traditional bathing ritual incorporating basalt stones, Native Americans use them to ease menstrual pain by placing them on the abdomen and in Traditional Chinese Medicine they are used to aid conception and well-being.









Lymph Drainage Reflexology is available to all clients but particularly recommended for those that have lymphatic issues following breast cancer, swollen feet, fibromyalgia and auto immune issues. 

For fluid retention in the arms and feet it is carried out twice on one foot and once on the other during the treatment. For other conditions it is carried out once. 

It can stimulate lymphatic drainage and therefore it is essential that anyone undergoing medical treatments, seek their doctor's advice before undergoing the treatment. 

As with all reflexology, it is relaxing and can really lift the mood!