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Please note that reflexology is a professional complementary therapy available to anyone of any gender, transgender and non-gender identifying. Ginette is a qualified clinical reflexologist level 5, which is the highest level of training available in the UK. Since gaining her qualification, she has carried out a number of CPD studies and is insured for all types of reflexology and Indian head massage. 

Please note that only the listed treatments are available. No other services are offered. 


If aged 16 or younger, or for vulnerable adults, a parent/guardian would need to be present during the treatment.



Foot Reflexology                     £30 for 30 minutes, £50 for 60 minutes (recommended), £70 for 90 minutes 

Indian Head Massage (IHM)   £40 for a 45 minute treatment (dry, clothed massage in a seat)

Reflexology & IHM Combo     £70 for a 90 minute treatment

Children 16 and younger       £25 for 30 minutes foot reflexology or face reflexology or IHM (does not apply to home visits)

Home Visit                               £65 for the first hour and £40 per hour for adults and £30 for children under 16 following, to a                                                      max of 5 hours, plus parking permit if applicable. Great option for families. Home visit                                                                    treatments are carried out with the use of a footstool and foot cushion. 

Baby-Reflex                             Price depends on the venue.  There are 4 separate 1 hour sessions of Baby-Reflex, which                                                                include a self-care session for the adult.

Toddler-Reflex                         As with Baby-Reflex the price depends on the venue.  

Office/Group Visits                  Negotiable depending on number of clients and duration of treatments - please contact Ginette

                                                  to arrange a trial day to see if this works for your business.

Packages                                 10 prepaid non-refundable treatments for the price of 9 excluding Baby/Toddler-Reflex and                                                            Zone Face Lift

Premium Treatments:

Face Reflexology Relax           £30 for 30 minutes super relaxing treatment with nourishing grape seed oil

Face Reflexology Ultra            £60 for 60 minutes including use of luxury facial elixir

The Ultimate Foot & Face       £90 for 90 minutes of an ultra face treatment plus a 30 minutes oot reflexology treatment -                                                           includes use of luxury facial elixir 

Zone Face Lift                          £65 per treatment. Recommended course of 12 treatments. If 12 treatments are booked in                                                            advance, there is a £65 discount. For 6 prepaid treatments, a £30 discount. 12 weeks includes 3                                                    facial cupping add-ons and 3 holistic facials. Please visit the Zone Face Lift page for more                                                               information on this extraordinary treatment. 

Hot Stone Reflexology            £60 for an hour's treatment - available from October 2019. Foot reflexology with the added       

                                                  luxury of hot volcanic stones used to deeply warm your feet. Very helpful for arthritis and poor                                                      circulation.  This treatment is not suitable for clients with diabetes or loss of feeling in their                                                            feet. 


Your first treatment will include a detailed consultation during which we will discuss your well-being history and your reason for attending the treatment. It will be a relaxed conversation and the purpose is to help me to understand which areas to focus on during the treatment. Please advise me at the time of booking that it is your first treatment with me, as we will need to allocate an additional 20 minutes (complimentary!) for this.  


At the start of your 2nd and any other ongoing treatments we will chat about how you are feeling before the treatment . The whole treatment will be carried out, with more focus on areas that came up in the consultation and previous treatment. 


Although these are not facials and are reflexology treatments, they can all have a positive impact on the texture, condition and appearance of your facial skin: The treatments can also have a positive spiritual impact on some clients.

The two facial reflexology sessions are quite different. The thirty minute session is super relaxing and best experience on a a day when you can completely relax afterwards. Planning an alcohol free evening with light foot, no TV and meditation is a great way to follow on after the half hour. A light and nourishing grape seed oil is used on your face. 

The one hour face reflexology session is also very relaxing - many clients fall into a deep sleep! The difference is that at the end of the session you will feel revitalised, so it is a great treatment for the beginning of the day.. Luxurious Zone Face Lift Elixir is used on your face during this treatment. Bottles of the elixir are also for sale at £75, with a £5 discount if you have a treatment. 

The Zone Face Lift treatment is an intense  reflexology treatment which includes use of a gua sha tool and in some cases, facial cupping. The full 12 week course is recommended as, as suggested by the name, this can for many people have a visual and textural lifting effect on the face. If you have a taut, firm and lifted face already, the treatment is unlikely to change the shape of your face, although the condition of your skin can still be improved. 


Hand reflexology is available on request at the time of booking. It is particularly good for someone with single or double foot amputations.

Hand reflexology will also be provided in the case of someone arriving for foot reflexology with contraindications. These include mass verruca sites, injured foot/feet, athlete's foot/fungal infection and cellulitis. Facial reflexology can be offered at an additional cost.


Please wash your feet the morning of the treatment and wear clean socks. You are not expected to wash them again during the day - it's not practical! Ginette will have biodegradable eco baby-wipes that can be used to freshen them up if needed. Please wear comfortable shoes if you can, just so that you can carry on the feeling of relaxation and comfort after the treatment. 

Do not drink alcohol or take non-medication drugs before your treatment. If you arrive intoxicated the treatment will not be carried out but you will still be charged. It is strongly advised to avoid these after your treatment too. 

If you have any of the following conditions please advise Ginette when making a booking, as under normal circumstances they are contra-indicative to the treatment: 

Cellulitis, Contagious Disease,  Un-diagnosed Illness,  Imminent Medical Tests, Thrombosis/DVT, Phlebitis, Aneurysm, Severe Un-diagnosed Headaches, Stroke or Gangrene.


Ginette is happy to offer a 25% discount for group bookings (3 or more) to visit homes for clients suffering from dementia. In her experience, dementia patients find reflexology to be calming and pleasurable. So far she has carried out voluntary hand and foot treatments with a group of Newham dementia patients and she is aware of the sensitives surrounding dementia.  

In future Waltham Forest Reflexology will be offering a parent/guardian  and child experience. This will be at the full rate for a reflexology treatment. It will involve Ginette providing a relaxing foot massage with gentle reflexology work on the solar plexus to the child, teaching the mother to carry out the same foot massage and providing a hand out with a meditation and relaxation program for parent/guardian and child to follow together. 

Please note that Ginette is already fully committed for free and for charitable treatments. Thank you.


Ginette is self-employed and organises her life around the treatments. If you would like to cancel your treatment, please do so at least 24-hours before the treatment time to avoid the cancellation fee, otherwise you will be charged a minimum of 50% of the treatment price, up to 100% for non-arrivals. Thank you. 


A variety of products are used for the treatments  including:

Songbirds Reflexology Waxes - these are Ginette's favourites! They are beeswax based, with a variety of aromatherapy oils including a woman's blend, a zesty blend, warming wax and a minty tea tree oil blend.  

Menomagic Lotion - this is an excellent lotion created for the menopause. It comes with excellent reviews and you can buy some to use at home here https://www.menomagic.co.uk/ 

Bio-Oil Gel - this is a light gel that turns to oil and Ginette likes to use it for hand treatments.

E45 lotion - a light option for people that do not like beeswax.

Lush Dream Cream - this is the current vegan option (brand may change in the future). 

If you have any allergies or you are vegan please advise Ginette at the time of booking. Similarly, if you have a lotion or oil you would like her to use and want to bring it with you, please check beforehand. It would need to be in a branded bottle with ingredients listed and pleased note that no nut based oils are allowed in the treatment room.