Update August 2020: The only service I am currently offering is Clinical Aromatherapy. Sadly I do not feel it is right to offer any face to face services during what is still a global pandemic. 
Please click here for the services I am still offering:

Often known as ‘healing hands’ or the ‘laying of the hands’, Reiki comes from Rei Ki, meaning universal (rei) life energy (ki) in Japanese. It can be very powerful and lead to complete life changes for some people, whilst for others it conveys a comforting, loving feeling.

Ginette was very skeptical about Reiki but as so many clients had spoken about it, she booked up a Level 1 course. By mid-morning she had booked onto Level 2 and by the end of Level 2 she had booked on a Reiki Master Program, due to take place in October 2020!


Ginette offers the choice of hands on and off, or hands off Reiki – with a variety of treatment options. Even with the hands on choice, you will not be touched in any 'sensitive' areas. During the treatment you lay fully clothed on the massage couch, covered in blankets whilst Ginette shares Reiki energy with you, giving you a lovely feeling of relaxation.  Some people just feel at peace  whilst others have a feeling of connection. Others have a more profound response - seeing colours, feeling the pressure of energy or a magnetic effect. It really doesn't matter. Reiki believers feel that you are benefiting from the energy whether you are physically and/or emotionally aware of it or not!


There are no expectations needed from Ginette or you – just to be present. All that is asked is that you be mindful - acknowledging any thoughts that come into your head and letting them go, whilst be awre of your own presence and surroundings. People come to Reiki for emotional, spiritual or physical ‘healing’, or just to relax.


During the sessions, Ginette calls to her personal spirituality beliefs for the Reiki energy. You can speak to your own beliefs in complete harmony with this. Reiki is for everyone – if you are Buddhist, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, a believer in the spirit world and spirit guides, someone who believes in connecting with past lives or lost loved ones, an atheist or agnostic, you can find a connection.

Reiki has changed Ginette's life and she has already booked onto a Reiki Master retreat with her teacher Justine Nolan of East London Reiki!

Reiki practitioners can trace their heritage back to the founder Dr Mikao Usui whether it is through the Japanese practice of Usui Reiki Ryoho or western one of Usui Shiki Ryoho. Ginette’s lineage is as follows:

Usui Reiko Ryoho

Mikao Usui

Taketomi Kanachi

Kimiko Koyama

Hiroshi Doi   

Frans Steine

Torsten Lange

Justine Nolan

Ginette White

Usui Shiki Ryoho

Mikao Usui

Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Carrel Ann Farmer

Leah Smith

William Lee Rand

Penelope Quest

Torsten Lange

Justine Nolan

Ginette White