Clinical Reflexology
Update August 2020 - It is with sadness that I have decided not to carry out any hands on treatments until Covid is truly under control. Please go to the Clinical Aromatherapy page for my current services by clicking here: 

The aim of reflexology to deeply relax you and help your body to balance itself. It is a complementary therapy, which works alongside conventional western medicine. Ginette uses it to specialise in helping you reduce your stress, sleep better and improve your mood.  


It is a full clothed treatment carried out on a massage couch, or a chair with footstool or in a wheelchair with raised legs. It can be carried out on the hands on request, and there is a separate section for reflexology on the face. On the feet, you remove your shoes and socks only. Ginette uses her thumbs and fingers to ‘walk’ over different zones on both feet. Within these zones are reflex points, which relate to the different organs and skeleton within the body. She carries out a short relaxing massage on the right then left foot, followed by the reflexology on the right then left foot and sometimes finishes with a linking of reflexes between the two feet by sitting still and holding different points.


Ginette uses a lightly scented reflexology balm, usually from the Songbird’s Naturals range, which includes a vegan option. If you would prefer an unscented option, please ask Ginette to use her homemade beeswax, grape seed oil and shea butter blend!


Reflexology has been shown to:   

  • Improve Sleep

  • Increase Relaxation

  • Improve Mood

  • Increase Feelings of Well-being


The deep relaxation felt during reflexology should not be underestimated in terms of importance, and it along with the others are important benefits. The world today is full of stress-triggers and when our bodies are in stress-mode they do not operate properly: various systems that are not necessary when we are stressed start to shut down (digestive, reproductive, endocrine and immune systems) whilst our cardiovascular system cranks up (high blood pressure). This has a long term, detrimental effect on us physically, mentally and emotionally. The benefits of Reflexology are proven to help reduce stress.


Reflexology is an ancient treatment, known in a number of cultures. There are what appear to be depictions of reflexology from ancient Egypt, and reflexology like symbols on the feet of Buddha in ancient Indian artwork. Foot and hand reflexology was used in China as far back as 2330BC and Native Americans have a history of foot therapy going back hundreds of years. The present day form of reflexology stems back to the 16th century.