Reflexology Price List

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Please note that reflexology  is a professional complementary therapy available to anyone of any gender, transgender and non-gender identifying. Ginette is a qualified clinical reflexologist level 5, which is the highest level of training available in the UK. Since gaining her qualification, she has carried out a number of CPD studies. She was very proud to gain her Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma in 2020. 

Please note that only the listed treatments are available. No other services are offered. 


If aged 16 or younger, or for vulnerable adults, a parent/guardian would need to be present during the treatment.


Ginette is self-employed and organises her life around the treatments. If you would like to cancel your treatment, please do so at least 24-hours before the treatment time to avoid the cancellation fee, otherwise you will be charged a minimum of 50% of the treatment price, up to 100% for non-arrivals. Thank you. 

Foot Reflexology

£50 for 60 min 

£30 for 30 min (children)

10 pre-paid (non-refundable) treatments for the cost of 9, to be taken within a 6 month period.


If you show any coronovirus symptoms please do not book. 

If you have: recent Stroke, DVT/Thrombosis/Blood Clot, severe cases of Cellulitis (no, it’s not cellulite – if you have cellulite that is fine!), contagious or notifiable diseases then please do not book without first speaking to Ginette, as the treatment might not be possible but you will be charged for the time blocked off. Similarly, please discuss any imminent medical tests or undiagnosed conditions with Ginette when booking.


Please note that Ginette does not treat children who are not vaccinated against measles.


If you develop a cold or flu or anything else contagious – please cancel your booking for free! (NB. If you have booked via the booking app, Ginette will refund you the charge, less the booking fee she has paid to the app administrator).

Zone Face Lift & Advanced Facial Reflexology

£70 per Zone Face Lift treatment

Zone Face Lift Costs

Special introductory offer available for bookings up to March 2019 £60 per treatment. Can be booked as single treatments but recommended as a course. From April 2019 - £70 per treatment.


12 sessions (recommended) including home care lessons, 3 holistic facials and 3 facial cupping sessions, and if pre-paid (non-refundable) and taken within a 4 month period, includes a free treatment and a free Gua Sha tool (currently Amethyst, but designs might change).


A course of 6 pre-paid (non-refundable) sessions including 1 holistic facial and 2 facial cupping sessions taken within a 2 month period includes a free Gua Sha tool (currently Amethyst, but designs might change).


December 2019 – January 2020 Special! £150 for 3 treatments, saving £30! Includes one holistic facial and one facial cupping!


Facial Reflexology Costs:

Relax - £25 for a super relaxing 20 minute session using grape seed oil, focused on stress-busting reflex points. Perfect for a relaxing session at the end of the day!

Ultra - £55 for a luxurious 50 minute session using a premium facial oil (i.e. Zone Face Lift Elixer or REN or Nuxe) and hot towels, that should leave you feeling energised for the day!


£45 for 60mins

Reiki Costs

A 60 minute session working on the Chakra points plus some extras (i.e. shoulders, knees, feet) is £45.


Shorter, targeted taster sessions are available at £25 for 30 minutes. These short sessions are a great introduction if you are not sure if Reiki is for you.

Hot Stone Reflexology

£60 for 60mins

Hot Stone Reflexology Costs

£60 for 6o minutes including an unscented balm, suitable for use with the stones. 


Inflammation from Rheumatoid/Osteo Arthritis (cold stones can be used, and non-inflamed areas are fine), Raynaud’s Disease (slightly warmed stones can be used), 1st Trimester Pregnancy, during IVF, uncontrolled Heart Disease or High Blood Pressure, Varicose Veins (cold stones can be used), Dermatitis etc that is aggravated by moisture or heat, Nerve Damage/Neuropathy (including Diabetes, MS, certain surgeries etc – reduced heat can be used), Elderly Skin, Poor Skin Condition, Young Children.


If you develop a cold or flu or anything else contagious – please cancel your booking at no charge!

Lymph Drainage Reflexology

£50 per treatment

Lymph Drainage Costs

The duration of this specialist treatment depends on the type of lymphatic issue being treated, and can last less than one hour or longer. On average 45 to 75 minutes! It is a set fee of £50 per treatment. 


Same as for foot reflexology. 

Combination Treatments

£65 - £70

£70 - 90 minutes Foot and Face Reflexology

£65 - 90 minutes Foot or Face Reflexology and Reiki