Sleep Well!

Hello everyone and welcome to my updated website and new blog! Please subscribe for monthly updates on the services I am offering and my events, along with some great wellbeing tips. We will start off with 3 great tips for Better Sleep!:

1. No caffeine after 12noon. It stays in our systems up to 10 hours and interferes with the Pineal Gland. The Pineal regulates our sleep so caffeine can have a big impact! Did you know there is caffeine not just in coffee in coke, chocolate, black tea, green tea …..? All sorts of unexpected places. If you are a tea or coffee guzzler, why not try switching to decaf’, aft least in the afternoons! Honestly, it tastes the same – give it a go!

2. Waking up for the loo? Stop drinking liquids 2 hours before bedtime and it should help. Once is okay, but if you are waking up anymore than that then reduce your evening fluids, cut out the caffeine (it is also a diuretic and makes us pee!) and maybe have a chat with the doc’.

3. Set a routine. We all have party nights, but not every night…..! Plan a bedtime that suits you, and a waking time for 8.5 hours later. This gives you half an hour to settle in. Stick to it and your body will quickly get used it and be better at being ready to sleep.

Remember, if you keep doing the same things the same way, you’ll get the same results, so why not try at least one of these tips? Three more next month!

Having a course of reflexology treatments has been shown to help improve sleep. If you would like to try this, then give me a call and we can set up a consultation.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hell to me at the WTTF Christmas Market on Hoe Street E17 on 14 December 2019 where I was offering short sessions – I met some great people and look forward to seeing you again when you come for treatments with me in Leyton !

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