My Approach

August 2020 Update: Please visit my Clinical Aromatherapy page for details on that service, as I am sadly not carrying out reflexology until Covid is truly under control. 

I  am Ginette White and I like to keep my reflexology studio warm and welcoming. It is a safe haven for you to open up and relax.  You'll find I have empathy, open ears, a great sense of humour and as a woman in her 50s, I can bring my life experiences into our consultations and treatments to help you.  And politics are banned from the studio!

My belief is that the treatment is only part of the process and I will provide you with realistic and useful lifestyle tips that really can make the difference between enjoying the treatment for one day, or making the benefits last a lifetime ..... I am very direct and don't beat about the bush, but I'll never bully you!

With this in mind, I always block off enough time that you never feel rushed to leave. This gives us time to chat beforehand - including a 30 minute consultation for first visits - the treatment and a chat at the end. 


Your first treatment will include a detailed consultation during which we will discuss your well-being history and your reason for attending the treatment. It will be a relaxed conversation and the purpose is to help me to understand which areas to focus on during the treatment. You can also book a free consultation before booking a treatment - just click the booking link and choose that option. 


Please wash your feet the morning of the treatment and wear clean socks. You are not expected to wash them again during the day - it's not practical! I will have biodegradable eco baby-wipes that can be used to freshen them up if needed. Please wear comfortable shoes if you can, just so that you can carry on the feeling of relaxation and comfort after the treatment. 

Do not drink alcohol or take non-medication drugs before your treatment. If you arrive intoxicated the treatment will not be carried out but you will still be charged. It is strongly advised to avoid these after your treatment too. ​


Relax - if you have time! Any type of physical therapy can make you zone out for a few hours. Some people find it makes them pass water. A lot! Others find that their emotions go haywire for a while - this is just your body and mind re-balancing. Some people feel energised - we're all different!