Clinical Aromatherapy

This section is currently being updated. 

The aromatherapy service consists of 2 parts:

1. A full consultation, currently being carried out on Zoom or Skype following completion of a written consultation form. This can take around half an hour, sometimes more so please allow up to an hour. 

Cost £30 

2. Custom Blend. Following the consultation Ginette will make a custom blend for you. This might be a massage oil, inhalation oil, a body butter, facial oil, balm, gel or diffuser oil. The average cost is around £25 but can be higher or lower depending on the size or type of product. For example, a facial oil would be £25 without extra-premium oils, whilst a common oil nasal inhaler would be £15 with  a refill. Massage oils are dependent on size.


Ginette uses 2 main companies at present. Her first is The Aromatherapy Company (UK). Their oils are organic and of excellent quality.  If you wish to buy any of their off the shelf products, Ginette can facilitate that for you! The Aromatherapy Company only sell oils through qualified aromatherapists. 

Vessel OIls of Greece is the second company that Ginette uses. They distill oils from around the world, and macerate a number of useful oils. 

Oils that Ginette does not work with are any MLMs (previously known as pyramid schemes), companies whose oils are sold by unqualified individuals and companies that recommend ingesting essential oils. These include Do Terra and Neal's Yard Remedies.

Please email Ginette directly by clicking here walthamforestreflexology@aol.com