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It is so empowering being able to carry out treatments on your own children. Ginette offers classes for parents, grandparents and guardians to carry out short, safe and non-invasive reflexology sequences on their children. She carried out her training with BabyReflex(TM) and you can find out more about the company by clicking here


The sessions can be carried out on a one-to-one basis, or more economically, in small groups. Each class includes teaching, practice and a handout.







By the way, your child does not have to be present, as you practice on rubber feet and/or each others hands!


For parents of children with SEN, this can be an excellent addition to daily routine. Please contact Ginette if you would like to come for a 15 minute free trial to see if your child responds well to reflexology and/or a light foot or hand massage.


As well as the general benefits of reflexology, carry it out yourself on your young ones helps you to create a special routine with your child, that helps to reinforce bonding between you and them. It is a lovely habit to add to the routine before lunch, before an afternoon nap and before bedtime, with the different everyday sessions focusing on these activities. For some parents, bonding comes naturally and the baby/toddler reflex sessions are just another way to do it. For others, it is not a natural feeling and again, the baby/toddler reflex sessions can add a formal way of creating bonding routines. 


Touch has been proven to be key in terms of bonding, for example: “Touch can benefit both mothers and infants alike, forming a bonding connection between parent and child. ... By continually providing nurturing touch, parents can help facilitate enhanced social, emotional, and physical development at young age.''  Full information available http://www.urbanchildinstitute.org/articles/research-to-policy/research/enhancing-development-through-the-sense-of-touch


Early-age bonding is also essential to a person's development, for example:

"If you give your baby responsive care and lots of attention, it will help them manage their feelings and have safe and healthy relationships in the future. This is called a secure attachment. Spending time together and getting to know each other is the perfect way to help your relationship grow and build a strong and close bond.'' Full information available https://www.nhsinform.scot/ready-steady-baby/early-parenthood/getting-to-know-your-baby/developing-a-relationship-with-your-baby

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