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Baby and Toddler Reflex helps you to create a special routine with your child, that helps to reinforce bonding between you and them. It is a lovely habit to add to the routine before lunch, before the afternoon nap and before bedtime, with the different everyday sessions focusing on these activities. 


Touch has been proven to be key in terms of bonding, for example:


''Touch can benefit both mothers and infants alike, forming a bonding connection between parent and child. ... By continually providing nurturing touch, parents can help facilitate enhanced social, emotional, and physical development at young age.''  Full information available here.  


Early-age bonding is also essential to a person's development, for example:


"If you give your baby responsive care and lots of attention, it will help them manage their feelings and have safe and healthy relationships in the future. This is called a secure attachment. Spending time together and getting to know each other is the perfect way to help your relationship grow and build a strong and close bond.'' Full information available here.

For some parents, bonding comes naturally and the baby/toddler reflex sessions are just another way to do it. For others, it is not a natural feeling and again, the baby/toddler reflex sessions can add a formal way of creating bonding routines. 


Ginette is delighted to be Waltham Forest's qualified Baby & Toddler Reflex Practitioner, and can also offer the treatments in your home in Guildford with enough notice!

Baby Reflex was developed by a Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Reflexologist.- Jenny Lee - and she carried out unpublished research studies along with Oxford Brooks University, to track the effects Reflexology had on asthmatic children.


Based on the results (available on babyreflex.co.uk) Jenny was in demand from parents to not only carry out treatments on their children but also to learn how to use these techniques on their own children. That is why Jenny established Baby Reflex in 2005.


A course was created to qualify professional Reflexologists to teach parents, grandparents and guardians how to use these techniques in a safe, easy and accessible on their own child/children, encouraging it to become part of their daily routine. Baby Reflex has grown to include a Toddler Reflex qualification for Reflexologists, with representation in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Eire, Japan, Turkey and Europe.


During the sessions Ginette demonstrates on the hands of the adult/s for toddlers, and on toy feet for the babies. Adults do the same before carrying out the sequences on their little ones.


There are 4 separate 1 hour sessions of Baby-Reflex, which include a self-care session for the adult, with 1 or 2 adults attending with the baby. Twins are counted as one baby by the way - it always seems so unfair that parents of twins have to pay double, so with Ginette they do not! The sessions are limited to 6 to 8 babies. Venues will vary. Ginette is happy to carry them out in your home for a minimum of 4 babies.  

These sequences are carried out on baby's feet. You will learn various easy sequences based around calming, soothing, digestion, and teething. 

Toddler-Reflex                         £

There are 3 separate 1 hour visits of up to 4 toddlers with 2 adults each. These session are carried out in your home and as with the baby sessions, they include a self-care session for the adult. And yes, twins are counted as one toddler!

These sequences are carried out on little-one's hands. You will learn various easy sequences based around calming, soothing, digestion, and teething. The great thing about the toddler sessions, is that the sequences are done in time to nursery rhymes, so will keep your toddler's attention. 

Toddler sessions suits little-ones that are very mobile, and generally can walk, or roll around a lot. The sequences cover digestion, decongestion, calming, and soothing. 

Please contact Ginette at walthamforestreflexology@aol.com for prices, which depend on venue. Thank you.