About Me

Ginette White


What I want for You

Giving you the ability to manage and reduce your stress, sleep better, relax well and enjoy your life - that is my goal!​ My passion is helping my clients to better manage their lives through various complementary therapies and lifestyle changes – increasing their spiritual, emotional and physical well-being - after turning my love of Reflexology into my job, studying at the highest level to be a Clinical Reflexologist and now a Clinical Aromatherapist.

August 2020 update: Sadly I feel it isn't safe yet to resume my hands-on treatments. With that in mind I am offering my Clinical Aromatherapy consultations via Skype and Zoom and no reflexology until Covid is truly under control. 

Why I turned my back on being an international woman of mystery!

From a corporate hospitality background in human

resources to 19 years traveling the world as an

undercover luxury hotel inspector, I changed my life

around in my mid-50s to become a Clinical

Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner and Clinical

Aromatherapist. I loved traveling and I saw the world,

but there was always the realisation that I wasn’t

making a difference, leaving a legacy. Through the help I give my clients during their treatments, I feel that I am now doing this. 

Pressure. Stress. Lack of Sleep.

As a middle aged woman, I understand well how the pressures of work and society can end up in daily micro-stresses that themselves build up into a state of stress and panic. This is why I focus during my treatments on how I can help you to reduce stress and the pressure it puts on you physically and mentally. Along with stress, women have the added issue of the menopause, and the strain it can put on their lives including work, social and family relationships. These along with sleep issues are the areas of particular interest to me and I want to help you navigate your stress, sleep and menopausal challenges.


My Meaning of Life

​I worked out that through my career in luxury hotels, I had over 600 treatments in luxury spas - mainly reflexology, with some facials too! This really helped me to look good and feel good! … but more importantly for you, I learnt what makes a quality treatment and I can now bring this into my treatments.

I am applying my passion for well-being to my own life too. I have gone from someone who never had a good night's sleep to someone who does, having learnt from various tips and tricks over the past years. Even when the menopause impacts my sleep, I have learnt strategies to deal with it that leave me feeling relaxed and not exhausted. Similarly, in the past I've been in the position of suffering greatly from work stress and not being able to step away from it, to now be able to embrace the energy from an occasional hit of stress-adrenaline, whilst managing it in order to not be left sick, anxious, tired and overwhelmed.  


​Do have a look at my testimonials on here, Facebook, Google and Instagram to hear how I have helped other people. Here are just a few:


“I left feeling much lighter and have had an amazing day so far! Feeling happy and energised which I most certainly was not this morning!”


​“The facial Reflexology instantly relieved the pain and I walked out migraine free”


​“…the treatments have made a big difference to my chronic condition and my sense of well being, leaving me feeling centred, balanced, relaxed” 


​“Her advice on improving my sleep pattern really helped too”.

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