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Well what a year that was! I give in notice on my studio at Bakers Arms right on time as coronavirus struck.


I didn't feel it was safe to return to work at any point in 2020, safety in terms of virus transmission but also my own financial safety. Had I hired a new studio we now know I would have been paying rent on it for it to sit empty.


Then in September 2020 I was called by my GP for a cancer check, and it was confirmed that I had Uterine Cancer aka Womb Cancer. The operation was delayed due to thee number of coronviurus atients in the London hospitals specifically following the Christmas 2020 mixing of households. that really knocked me and still does. My old brother and I decided to spend Christmas apart and away from each other, all family and friends. Had the rest of London done the same and had the government been clearer and firmer I probably would have had my operation on 23 January as planned.


As it was it went ahead on 8 March. It was successful and I am offiially cancer-free, hoorah!

Is there more?! Oh yes! I did a lot of thinking and realised that I need to move closer to my brother now he is getting older, so I can better provide him with support. I was aiming at Waterloo or Vauxhall, both on the direct train line to Guildford where he lives but I have ended up buying a house in Southsea. Yes. I'm leaving my beloved to London to be a Hampshire girl, even though I was born a Surrey girl lol!

So a big big thanks to all my wonderful clients. Without you my business would have been nothing. You made it into the success it was. If you're ever down Pompey way there is 10% discount on any reflexology sessions for my ex Waltham Forest Reflexology clients for the first year I will be there - including those that benefited from all the free treatments when I was training back in the day!

Please stay safe.

Thank you


My Approach

I like to keep my reflexology studio warm and welcoming. It is a safe place for you to open up and relax.  You'll find I have empathy, open ears, a great sense of humour and as a woman in her 50s, I can bring my life experiences into our consultations and treatments to help you. 

My belief is that the treatment is only part of the process and I will point you towards relevant, realistic and useful lifestyle tips that really can make the difference between enjoying the treatment for one day, or making the benefits last a lifetime .....

About me

Giving you the ability to sleep better, relax deeply, experience well-being, release tension and improve your mood. 


Life is to enjoyed, not endured! 


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